Monday, July 26, 2010


"hey, did you watched T.V yesterday?......A man ran over 45Kms continuously to make an awareness regarding AIDS". One of my friend asked me in a fine morning.When we have a deep insight on what he said to me on that day especially on the term "continuous".It may seen to be okay for a normal and practical life, But while approaching for a scientific research and calculation it won't be acceptable when you say that the above action said by my friend is continuous.

What's the synonym that have been bearing by the word CONTINUOUS?

Mostly we do use the term continuous for representing any action or activity that occurs without any interruption.If there is an interruption in any course of action then that course of action won't be a continuous one and that is said to be discontinuous.


  • No particle can achieve a continuous motion in universe.
  • A particle's motion is said to be continuous if and only if it travels through a distance between two points in a zero time duration irrespective of the distance.
  • Every continuous motion in this universe is said to be virtual continuous motion.


No motion is continuous-how?

    Let us take two cars that were moving continuously at different speeds. one is moving at a speed of 120Km/hr and the another one is moving at a speed of 180Km/hr.Here we taken two cars which are moving continuously then why can't they reach the same distance at the same time. Everyone can say that they were moving at different speed, But Speed is only a scale that shows us how fast an object is moving.
    I can say that the time taken by an object to reach a distance is only the time lag to reach the distance and this time lag is due to lot of variables like gravity, atmospheric conditions, etc.. that acts as obstacles to the object. Because of this time lag due to obstacles the particles or any object that is moving will take some rest while traveling. This time lag depends mainly on the force applied to the object and also on some other environmental factors.
    Every motion is composed of series of repeated motion and rest.The rest part decreases when the force applied to an object is increased , hence it has less time lag. When this time lag is of lower order it makes an illusion of continuous motion. This illusion of continuous motion is also due to the fact that our eye can't track an object clearly and continuously when that object moves above a certain speed (as our brain requires enough time to get the information that is obtained by our eye which may be called as the processing time, due to this processing time we can't see high speed objects clearly). This is why we can't see the motion or actions that were shown in "TIME WARP" program in Discovery channel by our normal eye.
     We can decrease the time lag to a great possible extends by applying enough force to an object but we can't make it ideally continuous due to environmental factors. But if we achieve ideally continuous motion(i,e the time taken by an object to reach any distance is zero) then there is possibility of making our journey into the future.