Saturday, May 21, 2011


            "To utilize 1KW of electric energy(electricity) we need almost 2KW of equivalent input power"- it means we are utilizing power that can power us for two centuries in just a century(100 years). It may surprise many of the normal peoples but adding an another KW of the input power to 2KW for getting just a KW of power at the consumer side does not surprise any of the electrical engineers(especially in India). This is due to the fact that the electrical engineers know how much losses there exists in the normal electricity generating stations and in transmission/distribution networks.

        Instantly you may rise a question "Why don't the Engineers and Scientists work on it and get a solution to reduce the losses?". This question may sound right but what actually they were doing is working on it and they were reducing the loses bit by bit using new technologies. They need lot more years to take care of these losses, certainly we can reduce some losses right from this moment. "How can we?" you may ask and my answer to this is "JUST SAVE ELECTRICITY".
        Yeah, just wasting the electricity also adds up with the losses of electricity. If i am right then we can also reduce the losses without even having a bit of technical knowledge about electricity. All we got to do is just SWITCH OFF the things that consumes electricity when it is not in use, no matter what it is. 

I know how the peoples in India are suffering from Electricity or Power scarcity(because i'm too suffering from that). But most of the Indians were not concerned about energy conservation. All i could imagine is if we don't save the Electricity right now(with fast depletion of natural resources and vast development of industries)  we may give our descendants a dark life as gift.
 I think it is the time to change the inefficient electrical appliances with new efficient ones and start conserve electricity.