Saturday, October 1, 2011

Low Cost, Green Electricity From Japan's New Wind Technology

Japanese people were always being good at doing some great things silent. The latest invention from the Japan was a new aerodynamic design of wind turbine. This newly designed turbines called 'Wind Lens' were capable of producing triple the power currently produced by the existing turbines from the same wind power. Already with the current turbines, we can produce electricity for low-cost compared to electricity produced from coal (when the wind system was operated under efficient condition).
WIND LENS - a new wind turbine design

No one can do forget easily the nuclear disaster happened in japan recently because of a bone crunching earth quake. Still, the rumors (may be true) are out there saying that this disaster contaminated a large volume of sea water and the radioactive containing water was found around the seas in Japan. "Why am I need to talk about this right now?". Sure, I have to mention this incident before saying that this newly designed aerodynamic system can generate electricity from wind power at a less cost compared to electricity generated from atomic power.

This innovation is not only quite a relief for Japan from atomic power plant problems, but also to the whole world which is seeking for a low cost power generating method in a green way. Particularly, for a nation like India, which is trying to build more nuclear power plants to meet the growing demand of electricity in the nation. This new design could be a solution to go in a green way without worrying about the future disasters.

Source: mnn